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CODEVID-19 Resources & Offers


Looking for computing power, data storage or other tools and services to power your project? Here’s some services being offered for free to anyone combatting COVID-19!

Here is a doc that outlines a HUGE array of free things for you. There are other hackathons, matchathons (where they match hackathon winners with investors), other tech communities, newsletters and subscriptions and even a list of free resources at your disposal.


FaunaDB is a serverless cloud database service that allows you to add a full-featured datastore to your app instantly without any infrastructure management. Featuring a modern GraphQL API, FaunaDB is consistent, global and secure. Consequently, with FaunaDB you can build apps quickly, and cheaply, without worrying about common application issues such as scalability, availability, reliability and data correctness. The free tier includes 100k reads, 50k writes and 5GB storage.

Key Features:

  • Flexible Data Model: Relational, document and graph access to the same set of data using modern APIs such as GraphQL that are easy to work with. No cold starts, and no additional middleware necessary.
  • 100% ACID: Globally consistent reads and writes without compromising latency and scale eliminates data errors and unnecessary validation code.
  • Fast Global Access: Data automatically replicated across global regions instantly, correctly. Requests are routed automatically to the region closest to the user for low-latency reads and writes ensuring the snappiest possible app experience.
  • Built-in AuthN: Eliminate complexity with built-in security that is easy to use, yet powerful. Lockdown data with a rich, attribute-based security model. Never leave your data unprotected.
  • Zero Ops: Sign up and go. Never again deal with database provisioning, clustering, backups, and maintenance. Spans multiple clouds so you see minimal downtime.
  • Pay as you Scale: Start risk-free with one of the most generous free tiers available. Throttling-free transparent scaling, so your app never encounters unplanned capacity hiccups or outages.