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CODEVID-19 Rules

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The CODEVID-19 Hackathon is divided into two phases. Weekly prizes are awarded until April 30th, when teams can submit their projects for the final prizes. Final prizes are awarded following a judging period.

  • All projects must be registered on FindCollabs to be eligible
  • Team members must all be 13 years or older, and teams larger than 5 are ineligible for prizes.
  • In the spirit of hackathons, only apps that were started on or after March 16, 00:00 UTC will be considered for prizing.
  • You and your team retain full intellectual property rights during and after the competition.
  • Teams are responsible for following the licenses associated with the libraries, source code, and assets they use
  • By submitting your project, you grant the organizers, sponsors and partners the right to share information about your team and project (screenshots, descriptions, etc.) publicly. By sharing publicly, we can’t make any guarantees or take responsibility for how shared content is used.
  • Organizers and judges reserve the right to disqualify entries and winners who violate the Code of Conduct and Rules outlined on this website

The Problems

Projects compete in four problem areas, and are evaluated on effectiveness, accessibility, and impact. We’re passionate about improving the quality of life for people during and after the COVID-19 Pandemic by addressing the following problems:

  1. Supporting Crisis Response
  2. Understanding the Pandemic
  3. Social Distancing & Isolation
  4. Scarcity & the Economy

Supporting Crisis Response

First responders, healthcare workers and emergency response managers are on the front lines of the pandemic. How can we help to work more effectively, safely, and quickly?

Examples of apps in this category might include services to crowd source reporting of crisis information, using machine learning and data science to quickly identify problems to be addressed, or allow more efficient distribution of health care and emergency resources.

Understanding the Pandemic

How can we better understand the current state of the pandemic and make informed decisions about the future? How do we evaluate and trust the information around us?

An app in this category might help provide verified answers to questions about COVID-19 and the pandemic, predict if the curve is being flattened, or help people report and filter out misinformation.

Social Distancing & Isolation

From working at home, assisting the elderly and at need, to entertaining and educating our children few parts of the pandemic more broadly impact society than the Social Isolation and Distancing we’re all practicing.

How do we limit the impact and costs associated with Social Isolation and Distancing, and ensure that we’re ready to pick up where we left off when we come back together?

Apps in this category might help connect people together, identify people in distress, facilitate remote working, on assist parents and educators continue classes.

Scarcity & the Economy

Economics is the study of scarcity, and during the pandemic it’s a struggle to understand the situation and how to most effectively use limited resources to maximum effect.

How might we better understand and manage the economic impact, and use our resources most effectively, to weather the largest economic change in modern history?

Apps in this category could include helping understand and manage changes in the work force, evaluate and track the effectiveness of government interventions, or better distribute scarce resources.

Your Solution

We believe faster, more effective and more available solutions are preferred to slower, less useful and limited ones.

Therefore, we will be judging projects on three main criteria:

  1. Effectiveness - How well does this project address the problem it’s attempting to solve?
  2. Accessibility - How easily are people are able to access this project?
  3. Impact - How many people have benefited from this project?

Your Team

Teams of up to 5 people are welcome to participate. For legal reasons we require that all team members be 13 years or older as of May 16th at 00:00 UTC if they wish to participate.

Weekly Competitions

For the majority of the event, teams may submit projects into a weekly competition where the winner is determined by a popular vote. Teams must submit their apps by Sunday, 23:59 UTC and then the public has 24-hours from Monday, 03:00 UTC to Tuesday, 03:00 UTC to vote for their favourite. The winner will be announced by Tuesday, 20:00 UTC.

CODEVID-19 will run weekly competitions until Sunday, April 19 at 23:59 UTC.

This is a great opportunity to promote your project and CODEVID-19 to friends, family, and your network!

View weekly submission details

Final Competition

Teams have until Thursday, April 30th at 23:59 UTC to submit their projects for the final competition. Judging and one final public vote will then commence to find our winners.

Problem Area Prizes (4 in total)

Decided by a panel of expert judges, there are 4 monetary prizes up for grabs: 1 to a winning team in each of the four problem areas. While runner-ups will not receive prizing, we will recognize one in each of the problem areas. Although we aim to have judging wrap up around mid to late-May, we reserve the right to give our judges, sponsors and organizers enough time to evaluate submissions and work through logistics. Please view our calendar with more precise dates here or add it to your calendar here.

Like many things related to COVID-19 we’ve had to do things a little differently with this hackathon. In more conventional circumstances we’d have raised all prize money prior to the event. Instead, we’ve been actively working on your behalf to fundraise prize money during the course of this competition. The reality has been that with paperwork, busy lives, and wire transfer delays it takes longer than a month to get the money from sponsors and into our bank accounts. Anyone who’s organized events like this will know this is normal, but to ensure sponsors have the required time to get funds to us we’ve set a deadline of May 31st at 23:59 UTC for funds to be received. After this we’ll subtract expenses for running this event, keep a small reservce for unplanned expenses, and then divide the remainder amongst the winners. Should any funds remain, we’ll donate them to a COVID-19 charity. With this in mind, we want teams to know that we won’t start sending out prize money until June 2020 and will hope to get it done before the start of July 2020.

Similar to the weekly competitions, there will also be one final chance for the public to vote and award one team a monetary prize at the end of the competition.

View final submission details


Prizes of monetary value will be distributed to winning teams electronically. All other prizes will be distributed in the manner deemed most appropriate by organizers and sponsors.

Some sponsors may be given the opportunity to award prizes during the course of the competition. These prizes will be communicated and awarded by sponsors in the manner they see fit, and subject to the rules and veto of the event organizers.

You will not receive any compensation or credit for the use of your Submission, other than what is described in these Official Rules.


During the final prize round a team of expert judges will review each entry. Teams entering their projects for prizes will be expected to be available to answer judges’ questions via email, and if possible, via video conferencing.

Teams may also be asked to confidentially share source code and project details with judges so that they might better evaluate a project’s merits.

Failure to communicate or supply judges with access to a project could impact a project’s success in the competition.

Intellectual Property

All teams will continue to own the intellectual rights to their work and projects during and after this competition.

Projects are encouraged to open-source their code where applicable but are not required to do so. During judging teams may be asked to provide judges access to source code to verify technical and other claims. Failure to do so could disadvantage or disqualify teams during judging, at the discretion of the judging committee and organizers.

Teams are welcome to use someone else’s assets (e.g. libraries, frameworks, templates, source code, images, etc.) but are required to comply with the licenses for these assets. Teams may be asked to supply proof they have done so. Teams violating license and intellectual property rights of others may be disqualified and forfeit prizes awarded them.

Media Consent

From time-to-time projects and other information about the Hackathon will be shared publicly via social and other media. We respect participants’ right to privacy and will not share personal information without prior consent.

CODEVID-19 organizers, partners, and sponsors reserve the right to use all participating teams’ and/or individuals’ names and likenesses in any publicity statements or events, including internet and website posts or articles, regarding the CODEVID-10 or the party’s involvement therewith.

By submitting a Submission, you grant the organizers, sponsor and the CODEVID-19 Hackathon an irrevocable, royalty-free, non-exclusive, worldwide right and license to use, distribute to the public, and publicly display and perform your Submission in any media, for any non-commercial or commercial purpose.

Your Submission may be posted in public on the internet. We are not responsible for any unauthorized use of your submission or project by users of the CODEVID-19 website.

By participating, participants agree to give organizers permission to contact them with information and communication relevant to CODEVID-19 via Slack, email, or other methods deemed appropriate by event organizers. This consent may be withdrawn at any time by contacting or using the unsubscribe feature in the mailing list.

Participants understand that by withdrawing their consent to communicate with organizers they will be putting themselves, their team, and their project at a competitive disadvantage. Organizers cannot be held responsible for participants receiving information supplied via email or Slack. It’s a participant’s responsibility to regularly check the website or Slack for updates should they choose to withdraw consent.

Competing in Other Events

Participation in other hackathons and events during this period does not disqualify you from participating in CODEVID-19. As long as you, your project and your team meet CODEVID-19’s full rules and code of conduct, you’re welcome to participate in CODEVID-19 and submit your project.

Note that all teams must join the Hackathon on FindCollabs and list their projects there before submitting if they’d like to be considered for weekly or final prizes.

The Fine Print

These are all the details most people don’t care to read, but our lawyers make us put in anyway just to keep us out of trouble.

For the purposes of all disputes and legal issues, all parties participating in this Hackathon agree to follow the laws, customs and conventions of the Province of Alberta, Canada. All parties agree to pursue all legal matters via the legal systems of the Province of Alberta.

Unless otherwise specified all times are Coordinated Universal Time (or UTC).

Competition in this Hackathon officially begins on March 16th at 00:00 UTC and concludes on April 30th at 23:59 UTC. For the purposes of awarding weekly prizes, each week starts Monday at 00:00 UTC and ends when teams submit their applications on Sunday at 23:59 UTC.

Participants understand that this is a charitable event organized by volunteers with limited resources and time. As such, participants understand that a best effort will be made to ensure fairness and equality in the judging and awarding of prizes. Participants accept that prizes will be awarded at the discretion of the judges, sponsors, and organizers. By participating all participants agree to accept the decisions of the judges, sponsors and organizers, and waive all rights to pursue legal or other recourse against the event, organizers, judges, sponsors, partners, or other parties should a dispute arise.

All participants, organizers, sponsors and contributors agree to follow the CODEVID-19 Code of Conduct and understand that failure to do so could result in consequences up to and including elimination and exclusion from competition, Slack, and other resources provided along with forfeiture of any prize winnings or consideration provided by CODEVID-19, the Dev Edmonton Society, and associated parties. Participants understand that enforcing and interpreting the Code of Conduct is done at the sole discretion of the CODEVID-19 organizing volunteers. Questions regarding the enforcement or interpretation of the Code of Conduct should be directed to

Participants are welcome to use any language they deem most appropriate for their application, however CODEVID-19 reserves the right to only accept submissions in English, or where an English translation is provided, should a project wish to be considered for prizes.

To participate, team members must be at least 13 years of age at the time the competition started on March 16th at 00:00 UTC. To be considered for prizes, teams must include no more than 5 people.

Prizes amounts and types will be determined at the discretion of organizers and event sponsors and distributed in a manner they see fit.

In the event of a tie for a prize awarded by vote, then the winner will be deemed the first project to receive their final vote. If this does not resolve the tie, the organizers reserve the right to determine a winner based on their judgement. The organizers will strive to do so in an appropriate, fair and impartial manner.

If you’ve made it this far, you’re awesome. Ping @Mark on Slack and say hello! :)


A big thank you to all these groups who contributed ideas and references to these rules!