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Congratulations Winners of the CODEVID-19 Global Hackathon!

16 May 2020 - John

We’re finally here, after an incredible amount of lightning speed and high intensity collaboration, feverish coding, massive organizational support, and generous sponsorship from our technology and media sponsors. It takes a global village to create something like this; thank you all for making CODEVID-19 a success.

CODEVID-19 started in Edmonton, Canada when a group of programmers from the Dev Edmonton Society wanted to make a difference while stuck at home during the lockdown. Edmonton is a city of just over a million people, and while oil & gas are our main economic drivers, we have a flourishing technology sector too.

The idea for a virtual hackathon was born and it quickly spread from Edmonton to Toronto, the United States, Europe and the rest of the world. Over the past six weeks more than 1,800 people from 24 countries on 6/7 continents have participated.

Together they built over 60 projects to help mitigate the effects of increased domestic violence, visualize the spread of COVID-19, help consumers understand what’s in stock near them, or manage the toll of social isolation by connecting with someone for a meaningful and spontaneous conversation.

We are very pleased to announce the winners in all five categories:

Supporting Crisis Response

Our first prize goes to one of the 9 teams competing in the Supporting Crisis Response problem area. First responders, healthcare workers, and emergency response managers are on the front lines of the pandemic. In many cases these people put their lives on the line to protect us all. Projects in this area aim to help community members on the front lines work more effectively, safely, and quickly.

Runner up: Get Cleard

Get Cleard is a non-contact screening solution that automates symptom Q&A + EBT screening w/ thermal imaging. Creating ML baselines for frontline workers, anomaly detection, and alerts. Get Cleard uses data science to support our frontline heroes. Here is what the team had to say about their project.

Winner: A.I. Powered Digital Hospital & Laboratory

This team built an automated A.I powered digital hospital and coronavirus laboratory that will help in performing millions of COVID-19 tests each minute, and provide A.I monitored realtime doctor consultation to patients. They talk about their amazing project here.

Understanding the Pandemic

The seven entrants in the Understanding the Pandemic category worked to improve our understanding of the current state of the pandemic, find trustworthy information, and make informed decisions about the future.

Runner up: Covtrace

Covtrace describes their project as a way to enable the public to understand and control the pandemic by tracking their physical contacts, including COVID19-positive users, and delivers county level data. In a post-quarantine world, their app will help contain the spread of coronavirus.

Winner: Trusted Locals

Trusted Locals believe that people are best served through their local communities; by crowdsourcing information related to your community in an organized and audited way, we can build trust and empower people to take action with confidence. You can see what they had to say here.

Social Distance and Isolation

From working at home, assisting the elderly and others in need, and entertaining and educating our children, few parts of the pandemic more broadly impact society than the effects of social isolation. Projects in this category seek to mitigate the impact associated with the disruption to our society, and ensure that we’re ready to pick up where we left off when we come back together.

Runner up: Vox of Life

Vox of Life enables individuals to have one-to-one meaningful and spontaneous conversations at a social distance. It’s effective: spontaneous; accessible: works on any device; impactful, and has a 40 minute average call length. You can hear about it in their own words.

Winner: Desk Break Challenge

This team created a computer vision based web app called Desk Break Challenge to help people get moving when working from home by squatting with a competitive edge. Have a listen to what they say about it here.

Scarcity and the Economy

Economics is the study of scarcity, and during this pandemic we have struggled to understand the situation and how to most effectively use limited resources to maximum effect. Projects in this category help us to better understand and manage the economic impact, and weather the largest economic shift in modern history.

Runner Up: ShopAid

ShopAid is an application to help you get essentials efficiently. It is based on your travel time, and the collective intelligence of stock availability and crowd level information. Have a listen to what they say about it.

Winner: Food Search Inc. is a directory of local food businesses that are offering pickup & delivery due to the restrictions placed on dining in. Our directory allows businesses to be visible and reach their customers who want to support local businesses. You can hear what they have to say about it here.

People’s Choice Winner: Covtrace

Our people’s choice winner was declared after more than 1000 people cast their votes, and we are happy to announce that Covtrace our runner up from the Understanding the Pandemic category are the winners.

Congratulations to our winners, and thank you to everyone for your hard work and energy! It has been an amazing ride.

Organizers of CODEVID-19 Global Hackathon