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Week 4 Winners: Get Cleard and

14 Apr 2020 - Mark

We’re excited to congratulate “Get Cleard” and “” on winning this week’s prize!

For the first time, we had a tie, so we’ve decided to award both teams the prize. In the future, we’ve updated the rules with some tie-breaking options.

Get Cleard

Get Cleard Currently, nurses and other healthcare professionals are tasked with taking temperatures at hospitals. Enhanced health screening at airports takes too long to be enforced, and now identifying unhealthy people falls on CBSA officers.

In the near term the goal is to support front line workers such as nurses and CBSA officers to allow them to continue their core duties.

The long term goal of is to use the short term dataset created by supporting front line workers to train our AI so they can detect and predict infections in real-time.

Website: Get Cleard
Source code: N/A
Country: Canada connects sources of food to the people who need them and provides information that makes food more transparent and accessible. Local small businesses, especially in the food industry are currently in distress as people are unable to dine out.

Source code: N/A
Country: Canada

In other news, next week will be the last weekly prize awarded to give teams an extra long sprint to polish their apps in time for the final prizes at the end of the month. The final app submission form will go live by end of next week. Watch Slack, Twitter and your email for updates.

Congratulations again to this weeks winners, and thank you to everyone participating in the competion. Together we’re making a difference. Stay safe!